Coach Ryan's Corner: Let's Get Real

Let’s get real with each other.

I’m serious, let’s get real with each other. Because – simply put – we don’t do that.

So many of us (and I’m guilty of this too on many occasions) simply see people for their what, and not their who.

For example, I’m a man. I’m 40 years old. I’m white. I have dark hair. I have facial hair. I’m left handed.

Those are my whats. And none of those whats I just listed are real. They’re real things, but I’m not a human thing.

And you’re not either. I’m just saying.

I see things in the news every day that remind me of this. From Sandy Hook to Charlottesville and all stops in between, I see this every time.

People just don’t take the time to see human beings for who they are. They only see what they perceive human beings to be.

Consider that planet Earth has better than 7.4 billion people. And every last one of us look different from each other.

Even identical twins don’t look identically to each other.

Let’s take two random people and take out their hearts and put them on a table. I understand that they’d both die, but I’m just saying.

Who could tell which heart belonged to which person?

We’re all cut from the same cloth. We’re all the same inside. And the sooner we can see that, the sooner we can get real with each other as the most important race – the human race.

What can we do today to start seeing people for their who?

The first step, I believe, is to start seeing ourselves as our who.

Because if we see ourselves as our who, we can start to see others as their who. And if we see our brothers and sisters as their who, that’s what makes this world works!