Coach Ryan's Corner: Your Presence is a Gift


Today’s Coach Ryan’s Corner is about presence. And just how much your mere presence can affect change in the people in your life.

Sometimes I go along in life thinking just “what am I doing here?”

I’ve devoted a lot of time, energy, and money into personal transformation. My entire business is built around personal transformation.

But even before I started working as a coach – way before – my presence has always been a gift to the people in my life.

Let’s travel back to the year 2005.

Consider an ex coworker of mine. She – to put it mildly – was weird. And I barely hid my disdain for her. It wasn’t an active dislike, she just annoyed me

She and I were part of a six-week training course at this call center we used to work for. Before we took a call, we went through this paid training course.

I believe she lasted two weeks on the phones after graduation, but I digress.

One day I was headed to the men’s room and passed her in the hallway. She turns around and says to me:

“Ryan, I don’t know what it is but every time I see you I can’t help but smile.”

Here I was thinking I was simply making fun of her behind her back. My presence left an impact on her without even intending to.

And here recently I had to board my dog Pete for a few days. I took him to the pet hotel at PetSmart in Stamford, CT.


Side note: they aren’t cheap but they do a phenomenal job.

The young lady who helped me came up to the counter in a bad mood. I couldn’t put my finger on the why, but she was just grumpy and surly.

By the end of this interaction, something really cool happened without my even trying.

She was laughing. She was smiling. She was enjoying herself. She was enjoying Pete. She was making fun of my southern accent (even though she said she was from North Carolina.)

She was a brand-new woman when I left that interaction. She was brand new because my mere presence was a gift to her on that day and to her life.

These are two of many examples of this in my life. And I’m seeing this more and more every day.

My challenge to you is to take a look at your lives. Where can you see that your presence has been a gift in someone else’s life just by being yourself?

I’d love to get your feedback on this.

Shoot me an email at!

Your presence is a gift. That’s why it’s called a presents…I mean presence.


Photos by Emil Athanasiou and Ryan Hall