A Royal Decree

August 4, 2017


Dear Team Ryan,


This message is to the men or to the men you love.


“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” – Henry David Thoreau

How many of us can relate to that quote? How many of us lead lives that are beneath us? How many of us live lives unworthy of the magnificent souls we are?


Do you feel stuck in a dead-end job because you don’t believe you can do or be more?

Are you in a relationship that’s lost its spark? The passion is gone and the humdrum has set in?

Have you put dreams in storage because it was unrealistic or irresponsible to live your dreams?

Has adulting become a chore?


See that? That’s not the life of a king. That’s a peasant.


Do you want to put the spark and passion back in your romantic relationships?

Do you want to find a queen or the partner you crave and deserve?

Do you want to take your dreams out of storage?

Do you have a song in your heart that you want to set free?

Do you live a life of the humdrum and want to live as a king?


With all this in mind, here’s the announcement!


Team Ryan Coaching is now - Royal Hearts Coaching: Life Coaching for Kings!


One thing to remember here, I am in process on much of this. I’m going to be creating breakthroughs right along with you!


Much more coming in the coming days and weeks.


One on one test drive sessions are available – simply email ryan.hall@accomplishmentcoaching.com. Tell me what you’re up to and we’ll set up a time to connect.


If a group setting is more your thing, starting in early September is the “Royal Hearts Coaching Court” – royalty or aspiring royalty only please. Email ryan.hall@accomplishmentcoaching.com to enquire.


And coming soon is royalheartscoaching.com!


Gentlemen, do you want a kingdom? Do you want the queen or partner you deserve? Do you want to live a life worthy of you and your heart?

Let’s build an empire.

Let’s be kings.

Let’s take over the world with our Royal Hearts.


With love and gratitude,

King (Coach) Ryan


PS. Team Ryan Productions isn’t going anywhere. Magic Time is coming soon. New YouTube content coming soon. ‘tis only the beginning.