Coach Ryan's Corner: What's Your Story?


Someone asked me a pretty fascinating question today.

“How’d you get into your field?” My field being coaching.

I’ve told the story of how I met my original coach probably 100 times. From my end, it almost comes off as rote and routine.

But I added something in the story that I hadn’t before. And it’s something that really sourced me in discovering my purpose and the point of all the work I’m doing.

“I want to use my story to inspire people.”

Those words landed, to me, like a giant blast of power. And this is something I haven’t always been able to say.

Lemme ‘splain.

In my transformation, sharing my story is a major step. It’s a crucial sign that I have put some stuff behind me.

The fact that I can share my story with no shame, that’s a big deal.

In episode one of Magic Time (which you should listen to…NOW) I mentioned that my late parents were both addicts. It’s a fact of my life and part of my truth that will be written in my stone (I’m all about the shameless plugs today.)

But before I went into the story, for some reason, I used the word “unfortunately.”

Why? Why did I do that? Why did I say “Unfortunately, I am (an adult child of two alcoholics)?”

I can’t speak for all men here, but I think I can speak for a lot of us. We don’t like to show vulnerability.

My parents were brilliant people. Mom was a brilliant educator and my dad was a gifted musician and songwriter. They were amazing people who just happened to be stricken with the disease of substance addiction.

My point is this: my story can inspire. The fact that I have overcome so much in my life can inspire. The fact that I have had life kick me over and over and yet I still get up, that can inspire.

My life can inspire others to tap into their own greatness. My life can inspire others to tap into their own royal heart to move their lives from peasant to king.

Let me let you in on a secret…your story can inspire others too.

I’m not that special, y’all. I’m a man, with above average intellect, above average creativity, and above average presence. I’m doing my best with the skills that I have.

But when I tap into my greatness, there’s nothing I can’t do or create. I am truly – as my friend and fellow podcaster Emily calls me – the Maestro. There’s nothing I can’t do.

Let me support you in tapping into your own greatness. Shoot me an email at and we can set up a sample coaching session.

One of the definitions of “inspire” is literally “to breathe life” into something. My story breathes life into people. And yours can do.

What’s your story?