Magic Time: the Podcast

Do you believe in magic?

What is magic anyway?

Are you magical?


I’ll say this, magic beats inside your chest. You are magic. If you trust that amazing muscle in your chest and know who you are, that’s magic, my brothers and sisters.


There’s magic in love. Magic in connection. And magic in support.


In service of love, connection, and support, I’m teaming with a very dear friend of mine and fellow coach named Emily Perkins to bring you Magic Time: The Podcast!

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Magic Time: The Podcast

It's Magic Time, y'all...

Magic Time: The Podcast

A joint production of Team Ryan Productions and Love Living Holistics, Magic Time will take a look at practical ways to support you in creating a little magic in your lives. We’ll feature conversations with fellow magic makers. And we also invite you to submit your questions for Emily and me and our magical guests to support you with.

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In the meantime, here’s how you can connect with me and Emily.

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Emily Perkins

Love Living Holistics

Emily is certified life coach, reiki master and esthetician with a holistic lifestyle practice focusing on assisting others in glowing from the inside, out. Her passion in life is to support and empower her clients in deepening their relationship with themselves and achieving a healthy and happy mind, body and soul.




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Ryan Hall

Team Ryan Productions

Ryan is a novelist and life/creativity coach. He works with creative powerhouses who want to kick their lives and projects into high gear, so they can set the world on fire with their brilliance. For more information on his books and Team Ryan Coaching, visit