Red Letter Days...

Why does it have to be a red letter day? I mean, why can’t it be a gold letter day? Or a multi-colored letter day? Why red?

There are a few dates on my yearly calendar which are definitely red letter days. Some for positive reasons – birthdays, baseball opening day, Alabama’s first football, game, etc.

Some are for important reasons. July 22 was the day of my life-saving surgery to remove my busted gallbladder.

A few are for sad reasons – the two dates which my parents both passed.

But one date has become a red letter day because it was a day in which I made a life-changing choice. A choice which has opened my life up to new ways of being. I’ve made connections which I never thought I’d make. And I have made more than a group of friends; I’ve created a new family.

October 12th, 2015 was the day that I signed up for coach training with Accomplishment Coaching. I’d been pondering that choice for better than a month and I finally pulled the trigger on that date.

It’s a difficult program. It’s a grueling program. And it’s a program that has gotten me to new ways of being that I never thought I was capable of.

As many of y’all know, I’m also holding an in-person coaching workshop this week. And I honestly didn’t realize it at the time when I set it up, but this workshop will be held on October 12th, 2016. Exactly one year to the day that I made the choice to become a coach myself.

Just typing that sentence – I’m holding an in-person coaching workshop – makes me pinch myself. I’m not this guy. I’m not a spotlight guy. And I’m going to have the spotlight on me Wednesday night.

I’m of the opinion that people are who they are. You can change who you’re being, this is for certain (I mean, I AM a coach after all.) But I believe you are who you are at root.

Who I am at my root is the shy, nerdy kid who was picked on all the time. I’m the kid who sat in the back of the room and made fun of people in my head.

I’m not this guy. I’m not this dynamic public speaker.

I mean, I believe I’m a guy who can BE a dynamic public speaker. There’s a difference.

It’s a new day for Ryan. It’s a red letter day. And I’m so blessed that you’ve decided to come along for the ride.

Here’s to the next year of greatness!

I mean, why can’t it be a magenta letter day? Why’s it gotta be red?