Open letter to Team Ryan

November 11, 2016

Dear Team Ryan,

I've goofed. I've messed up. I have let the demons of fear and uncertainty get the better of me. And for that I'm sorry.

Make no mistake about it, I am not happy with the results of the Presidential Election. But I accept them. And my sincere prayer is that President Trump will represent the will of all - and I do mean ALL - Americans.

Some of my social media posts as of late maybe have been a little short sided and less than empowered. I have joined the echo chamber and I am better than this.

We have a chance to create something amazing here. We have a chance to spread love like never before. We have a duty to go high and combat hatred with love.

We also have a duty not to give in to fear and uncertainty. If we worry about things that may or may not happen, we're going to worry ourselves sick. 

But more than anything, I have a duty to be better. I have a responsibility to be better than shouting into an echo chamber. 

I am a coach. I am an author. I am a leader. And it's about time I start acting like one.

I accept responsibility for falling into the echo chamber. I accept responsibility for letting my demons of fear and anxiety get the better of me. And I accept responsibility for the impact it's made on my tribe.

Please accept my apology. We must do better. But more than that, I must do better. I must BE better. 

Let's empower each other. Let's encourage each other. Let's lift each other up.

With love and gratitude,


PS. When it comes to the forthcoming Iron Bowl, I do NOT apologize for being part of the echo chamber.