I am a king...a tyrant...and a peasant.

I’ve been teasing a big announcement over the past couple weeks. And I’m not going to make this announcement until next week. But I need to share something. I need to unburden myself.

Kings choose to show up as kings. It’s a constant choice because you could easily choose to show up as a tyrant or a peasant at any time.

Perhaps I should distinguish just what a tyrant is and a peasant is.


·      Tyrants are oblivious to criticism. They don’t believe anything negative about them.

·      Tyrants can be childish. They hold their breath until they turn blue until they get what they want.

·      Tyrants can be arrogant and self-righteous.



·      A peasant is obsequious. They are grateful to an obnoxious degree for every bite and every morsel they get. But they don’t believe they deserve anything other than the basics.

·      They’re satisfied with mediocrity and the humdrum.


I can say this with certainty. There’s a relationship in my life where I haven’t been a king. I have responded with self-righteousness and obliviousness. I have also grown satisfied with mediocrity and humdrum.

It’s not worthy of me. It’s not worthy of this woman. And it’s not worthy of the life I’m creating.


Make no mistake, I am a king. I know my worth. I own my worth. I charge a hell of a lot of tax on my worth. I have passions that turn me on. And I love deeply and unconditionally.

But being a king isn’t easy. Being a king takes constant work on yourself. It’s scary to be a king when we’re usually satisfied with the ordinary and the meh lives we’ve been leading.

My question to you all is this: do you want to be a king? Do you want a life that you love? Do you want a queen? Do you want a career that turns you on? Do you want to live your life as if you’re alive?


Being a king takes work. The works is all with yourself.

Are you ready to go deep to create the life you want? Are you ready to create the love and the career you deserve?

Are you ready for a kingdom?

If you are, let’s talk!


Ryan.hall@accomplishmentcoaching.com is the email. Send me a message and we can move from there.


I am a king. But in this relationship, I have become a bit of a peasant. I’ve also become a bit of a tyrant. And it ends today.

If you’re reading this – and I will be reaching out to you individually – I am sorry. This isn’t worthy of me. It’s not worthy of you. And it’s not worthy of us.


Are you ready to work hard on your life? Are you ready for some difficult conversations? Are you ready to be challenged harder than you’ve ever been challenged before?

Hit me up.


Let’s be kings!