Hydrating breakthroughs


Commitments are a tricky thing. As soon as you commit to doing something, it becomes real. And if that commitment is coming from your highest and best self, then that commitment can truly transform the world.

And like many things in this world, commitments aren’t real until you put language and words to them.

Perhaps my highest commitment in my life is the commitment to seeing my universe live big, bold, powerful lives. Intentionally designing a life that lights your fire and that you adore.

That kind of transformation starts from the inside out. To transform the world, you must begin by transforming yourself.

I’ve been seeing a flood of breakthroughs in my life as of late. And simply put, breakthroughs are new ways of being.

Since I intentionally began my transformational journey almost 5 years ago when I began therapy, I have seen the breakthrough as the goal. If I can break through the pain and heartache of my past, that’s the goal.

But I have grown to see breakthroughs as intimidating. And you know something, it’s not serving my highest purpose anymore.

I had a unique shift in this approach just the other day. And the more I think about it, it makes perfect sense.

Breakthroughs hydrate transformation, just like water hydrates the body.

As I’ve mentioned on my blog before, I have recently gotten into practicing bikram yoga. It’s a specialized form of hot yoga practiced in a 104-degree room.

First of all, it’s kind of funny to think that practicing yoga in a sauna is anything short of insane. But I find it a beautiful and soulful practice. I’ve had body image and self-love breakthroughs in that room, perhaps more than I have ever had.

It’s also sweaty as hell.

One of the admonitions I had before I did my first class was that I needed to keep hydrated all day before the class. I’m the kind of guy who always keeps a bottle of water with me. At least a gallon a day.

But I had no idea how much I’d sweat out in one 90-minute class. Let’s just say that a shirt is a hindrance.

After a bikram class, I crave water on a deep level. Also, high water fruits like watermelon.

The water supports me in the breakthroughs I’ve had on that mat.

Finishing the class wasn’t the goal. The breakthrough was in the practice.

{Did I just write that out loud? Me? Empowering practice?! Alan Iverson would be so proud.}

Let’s look at some of the breakthroughs I’ve had recently. And man, have they been huge.

The first one I’d say would be that I’m owning my voice and the power that my voice holds. That in and of itself was a breakthrough.

I could use that breakthrough as the sword of Damocles over my head and be intimidated by it. I could be intimidated by the fact that I have an obligation to speak out about things that disturb me.

Or I could use it as an instrument of peace and good in the world. I could choose to use my voice to speak out about things that disturb me – like, y’know, everything in the news this past week. I could use the power of my voice to find love, to empower my writing, to blow my coaching business sky high, you name it.

In other words, I could use it, or I could let it use me.

I’m choosing to use these breakthroughs to hydrate my life.

Breakthroughs are like fuel. Breakthroughs are like a great meal. Like people use food and water as fuel for their body, I’m going to use breakthroughs to fuel my big, bold, transformed life.