Me? A Ladies Man?


It’s probably been like 10 years ago. I’ll never forget this guy.

I was at the gym and speaking with two friends of mine. These friends were both attractive female humans. Colloquially known as women.

I was in the moment and really enjoyed their company.

Flash forward about 10 minutes. I left both ladies behind to head to the shower. As I was getting ready for the shower, here was the exchange I had in the locker room.

“I saw you.”

“What are you talking about?” I ask.

“I saw you up there on the treadmill, man. You’re a real ladies man.”

It was almost like I heard a record scratch. What the hell was he talking about? Me? A ladies man?! I’m a loser, I’m no ladies’ man!

I’ll give you another example. I met a guy a couple weeks ago. He’s part of a networking group I belong to. He said something to me that really stuck out like a sore thumb.

“You’re a writer and a people person? I’ve never met a writer who didn’t hate people.”

We coaches have a saying. You’re not the best correspondent for your highest and best self. And you never will be. Get people to reflect that part of you back to you and it’ll actually register.

I’m in a period of awakening and a period of transition in my life. I feel like something has been awakened within me that’s a little tricky to be with.

Because I don’t see myself as the outgoing guy that I’m showing up as. I see myself as the loner who always sat alone at lunch at high school.

I’ve seen glimpses of being this so-called people person. If I can lean into my purpose and my highest self, there’s no limit to what I can create. I’ve seen it over and over.

And I don’t see myself as this ladies’ man. I see myself as the loser who hasn’t had a date in years.

But you know something, women LOVE me! They absolutely love me. I’m real, honest, and authentic – three things that women love. Among many.

At the end of my podcast – Magic Time with me and Emily Perkins (click rightchere to subscribe) we either acknowledge each other or our guest. It’s something that we both really enjoy and – to be honest – are pretty good at. And we just reflect something about the other person’s greatness back to them. It’s a tactic we also practice with our clients.

But she said something that really stuck out to me in our last episode.

She reflected that people (and she) are drawn to me is my “all-encompassing heart.” When I’m real, it’s pretty obvious that’s where I’m coming from.

See, you’re not the best correspondent for your highest and best. You usually only see what’s “wrong” with you.

But when people can see you for your truth, that’s a powerful thing.

I am a people person. I am a ladies man.

THAT is my truth.