2017 Kickoff Workshop!

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2017 Kickoff Workshop!


I'm just going to put this out there - I think New Year's Resolutions are garbage! Bovine Excrement! Hogwash! 

Have you ever been inside a gym in January? C'mon...

We all want to start off a new year on the right foot. But I've found that most people miss two major things that prevent them from accomplishing their new year goals: accountability and structure.

In this workshop, we'll set up projects in a powerful, empowered way. You will be set up to succeed! 

Plus, I'm giving you the opportunity for additional support. Three months of one-on-one coaching with that can set up those new projects to succeed!

Cost of the workshop itself is only $10.

Three months of coaching will run you only $150. That's a savings of...AN INSANE AMOUNT!

Sign up starting now through January 2nd. I'll take any questions at ryan.hall@accomplishmentcoaching.com. 

Ready to kick 2017 off in style?! Jump on this!

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