Trust the Process - digital ebook

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Trust the Process - digital ebook


What if I told you that stories from regular people can inspire others to move mountains?

What if I told you that the greatest change comes from within?

What if I told you that you’re capable of greatness? Yeah, you! You’re capable of pure, unadulterated greatness!

You can do anything…if you trust the process.

Over the past six years of my journey, I’ve been chronicling my journey. I’ve been chronicling my process. My process of going from suicidal thoughts to becoming a published author twice in one calendar year. My process of self-hatred to becoming my own best friend. My process of paralyzing grief over losing both parents before I turn 40, to growing more and more at peace with it.

Take it from my dear friend and former boss Renee Layton Green:

I’ve known Ryan for about ten years. We met when he came to work at the call center where I had recently been promoted as a floor supervisor. After he had been moved to my team, I got to know an intelligent, witty, humorous, lovable curmudgeon. Underneath that façade, I saw a man dealing with loneliness, anger issues, heartbreak, and broken dreams. As I watched him deal with the loss of his parents at a young age, a life-threatening health crisis, heartbreak, and job loss - things that would have toppled the strongest of men - he took on a new resolve and determination to change his life for the better. He made great strides to become healthy and happy, and above all, make his dreams come true. In changing his life, he began to encourage and inspire others. He trusted the process, and so can you.

I’ve been chronicling my path in a series of blog posts on social media. I’ve hand-selected a few of these posts that best outline my struggle.

My hope with Trust the Process is that you’ll be inspired. You’ll be inspired to find your own process. And you’ll be inspired to take that process to heights of success beyond your imagination.

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